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The Journal of Akdeniz University's Faculty of Communication is an academic, peer-reviewed and international journal in which studies in the field of communication are published. Our journal has been published by Akdeniz University Faculty of Communication since 2003 as a periodical that attaches importance to the interdisciplinary nature of the field of communication and adopts contributing to the development of the literature in the field of communication as a priority task. Journal of Akdeniz University Faculty of Communication is scanned by ULAKBİM SBVT, EBSCO, RESEARCHBİB, SciLit, SOBIAD, Turkish Education Index, ERIH PLUS and MIAR databases. The language of our journal, which is published as an e-journal twice a year, in June and December, is Turkish and English. The application process of our journal to the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) continues. Original research and review articles are included in our journal. No royalties are paid to these published works, and the author(s) as the owner of the work approves the full text of their work to be included in non-commercial electronic databases in order to support national and international academic information sharing. A publication and evaluation fee is not required for any work submitted for evaluation in our journal. For this reason, we do not have a fee waiver policy and authors are not paid any fees. The evaluation process is carried out with a double-blind referee system. No concessions are made to the rules of subscribed indexes and published spelling rules. A Turnitin / iThenticate plagiarism report is requested for all submitted work. Authors are responsible for all legal aspects of the content they have prepared. Author candidates submitting articles to the journal; They are deemed to have accepted that they comply with the universal academic ethical principles, include people with intellectual property rights in the study or get written permission, and submit the necessary information about their work to the editorial board. 

Our journal is an open access journal and users can access the articles published on the internet free of charge. Users may download, read, copy, distribute, print, search or link to other full-text articles without any permission and for any legal reason. Unless the users request otherwise, the links of the published articles can also be shared on the journal's corporate social media accounts.

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